The improvement

I just can’t stop thinking about the improvement. General. Life in general. What inspires the most? Beside ski jumping, of course. I’ve been really active as a kid. Running around, playing with boys and I seemed unstoppable. Unstoppable in energy. I had trainings like 5 times a week in the afternoon. Summer’s forenoons looked as a football training. Playing it with my friends. Doing different tricks, learining to juggle, running with a ball. It was a game all the time. Afterwards I headed to a ski jumping training. I like to remember those days. To remember where my roots are. Sometimes I wonder where this all energy was left. Unconcern about a day before, days after, living in the moment. Is it technology? School? Food? I don’t know. We mostly listen about »healthy life style«. On the internet, on TV and also in books. Articles in magazines are ful of different advices and tips how to live the best as possible. But from where all this came from? Why is this neccesary? I THINK all this is just money. People have their own ways to follow. Not everybody is the same. Why should all be fit, slim and doing fitness everyday? Yes. I’m an athlete. I admire sport. Probably most of all things in life. But I also think there are some persons who don’t need it. Following their passion will ful them with different, just as good energy. I would like to write a word more about tips, advices how to follow somethings and results will come. Because of sport, doing it to be the best and also my private life…I’ve read tons of »how to« ? Tons of »why is that good for«. And tons »do this, do that«. What I’ve learned? Follow the internal instinct.