Just an ordinary evening. Trying to sleep. Or not trying…just going. Realising 20:00 will be to early. Youtube and music without lyrics. I’m now listening it most of my time. It kind of makes me feel confident and clear my minds. I can find the solution. Solution of the problem that crossed my path. I also use it to relax. Sometimes during learning or reading. Otherwise I don’t have a special »taste« for music. Everythings is good. Just depends on age, time of the year or mood. And more and more. Why I started to write right now isn’t that wanted to tell you my favorite song. It just came in my writting. I realised how important are people around me. I mean… sometimes the feeling »I’m enough for myself« is too strong in my blood. I think I developed this during my sport’s career. Work, pain, disclaimer, patince, persistance. Self encouraging. All this affected me. When something stops you there is a bit more time to find the balance. I really can find it now. And also maintain. That’s the reason I’m writting down my thoughts. I can read them later if I want to. This helps to remember you on good or too see a reason for positive. If I felt, thought like that last year…there is a way or chance to feel it also now.