Ski jumping memory

When being placed in my bed, listening to music, watching videos…most of my blogs are made. Every day a different feeling with same content. How can I really be me? What are the things that inspires me the most? I know there are things we need to do and it’s our task. I’m talking more about culture, coutry’s duties, rules or simply…things that are the same for all people. But this is not half of our life. Where is the other half? I’m writting this also because I started my »professional« career in early teens. I have a vivid memory of my decision to quit all hobby activities and to focus only on my biggest passion…ski jumping. It was at age 12. I participated at 14 days long German tour with most of COC competition. This was also the highest ranked competition in Ladies ski jumping that time. With 2. place, first podium and overall 3. place I was more than happy. I remember to also beat one of the best ladies ski jumpers that time. It was my dream, my life and I felt like this will be my future way. Afterwards I talked to floorball coach and told my decision. I liked floorball. I still do. I had played it from 6 to 12 years. I also played in competiton. With boys. I was good. Actually one of the best players that time and ages. I remember his a bit strange look and his wish to keep me in a team. I said something like…I feel my way is in ski jumping.