July is about to end. Right now I need to think about how good it was. To remember everything what happend and all the progress made. 2nd July…birthday, birthday wishes, thoughts, presents, friends. It will be a great month…I said. And it was. I will start with 11 July and results from graduation in Gymnasium. It seemed impossible for me to finish 4 years in 3 months. Beside knee rehabilitation which was on first place and took most of the time in my days. What to do? That was the question I was getting all the way to exams. Hm…plan? Yes. First step done. Long days in library followed. I will not go in details but everything is possible if you really want it and find the right way to do it. Next step: college. Didn’t really believe I will get there with enough points. White envelope at home’s desk. Made it. Time for new goals and knowledge. My knee was making progress…trainings in fitness, trainings with team, muscles equalisations, doctor’s confirmation and I was there. On ski jump hill, ready to fly.