Night vibes

After 3-4 nights of really good and long sleep it’s here again. No sleeping time. I mean…I like it sometimes but it’s better to sleep and wake up ready for new day. I learned sometihing this night one more time for sure. Mobile phone has to be outside the room while sleeping. I woke up at around midnight, checked my phone and that was a mistake. My eyes became sensitive. I couldn’t fall asleep for one hour and decided to start writting down my thoughts. It was a good solution and then I still had 4 hours of sleep left. Woke up at around 6 o’clock, prepared breakfast and it was time for school. After two months of barely learning because of season opening is this my first real work for school. I was learning psychology from my student’s book, which is by the way the best option to learn in a van while driving on training, before season and sometimes even on competition day but that wasn’t as much efficient. So…the time is here. Rehab, learn, eat, sleep, repeat.