Late night

They said best thoughts come late night or before falling asleep. If this is true it will be good writting. It’s 3:40. I simply can’t control my minds for a few days now. Not that I’m sad or something. Actually it’s opposite. I feel I can move mountains if I decide to. I couldn’t sleep at the evening. I needed an hour to realise it’s better to take a pencil and star writting in my diary. 10 things I’ve learned in 7 (17) days after my knee struggle. I looked the situation from a different perspective. It was, it is and I will be an opportunity to find myself. Ski jumping goals are known. Fact. Then here is school and my future education. I don’t know what happend this night but it has to be a sign. Honestly right now I would be in Japan. Focusing only on my best performance. This night was special. It’s like subconscious took the leader position. After writting down my new experiences I fell asleep. Probably not a deep one. I woke up around 2 o’clock. What is my phone doing in my bed and WIFI turned on? I only remember to turn it off before sleep not that I wanted to do something more. Strange. I feel confused. My eyes seem it difficult to watch. There is only one way. To get up from bed and I went on toilet just to walk a bit. Taking a small gulp of water was next. Will a be able to continue my night rest? This was the question. I went back to bed. Had a good first feeling but then my head began rolling. As I mentioned…my ski jumping goals are clear. It’s the decision of my future education. I believe this night was the one to make changes after. A suddenly idea came to my mind. In the middle of the night.