I will remember

A day started well. I drank coffe, ate some cookies and breakfast was after me. I actually felt pretty good and competition mood was on. On bus station my coach took me and we drove to Planica. I knew there will be my Fan Club and I was ready to rock the hill. Warming up, a bad trial round was next. I kind of thought »now or never«. Focusing only on myself, imagining a perfect jump and an empty head was neccesary to what came next. A calm down attitude, spontaneous routine and a will to do it. Sliding in my inrune position was good, having this perfect feeling and minds in right direction. TAKE OFF! Flying that I enjoyed and a good telemark at 134 meters. Happy and I also showed it with my gestures. A minute of joy, celebrating it with my family. I knew I did it. Feelings were great and satisfaction was here. Some photoshooting with young spectators continued. Smile. After all I came in wardrobe. Did my »good feelings« and »calming down« routine. I knew second round is next and I felt willing to do 2 good jumps in a competiton. Everything that was next is just the same as I practiced in the first round. Again the good feelings were on. A second good jump from the take off, flying across 130 meters…and a shocking pain in my left knee at touching the snow.