Flash back

A really nice day is behind me. It started with ladies ski jumping in Zao. My girls nailed it. I was soo happy with Nika’s and Urša’s jumping. I also cheeres for Maja and Špela. They are trying as much as possible and training hard. I know. So I believe the good is still yet to come. Tomorrow they have another chance and I have another morning that is reserved for good vibes! My day continued with flexibility exercises for my knee. Which is doing pretty well and till now I’m more than satisfied. I remember how swollen was my right knee that time after surgery. It was awful. I had to remove water and blood like 3 or 4 times from it. And it’s really not a pleasant feeling. A big needle goes into your knee and some red or brown/red liquid come from it. I read a book at my »flexibility machine« called Kinetec . That’s usually. Sometimes I also learn name of bones. By the way… I decided to download an application which showes body skeleton and all bones are named. And easy way to learn some new things while having nothing else important to do. After I made prosciutto with cheese and pickled (sour) cucumbers. Tasty. What was next is something I was looking forward for 14 days now. Because of stitches I mustn’t water my knee and now when they are finally removed it was time for…SHOWER. Or more excatly. Actually it was a bath ful of water. 45 minut of pure relax. Some talking to my mother followed and it was again time for ski jumping mania. A tight »fight« for win was interesting but a crash of David Siegel put dark shadow in the end. Flash. Back.