July 28, 2019

July is about to end. Right now I need to think about how good it was. To remember everything what happend and all the progress made. 2nd July…birthday, birthday wishes, thoughts, presents, friends. It will be a great month…I said. And it was. I will start with 11 July and results from graduation in Gymnasium. It seemed impossible for me to finish 4 years in 3 months. Beside knee rehabilitation which was on first place and took most of the time in my days. What to do? That was the question I was getting all the way to exams. Hm…plan? Yes. First step done. Long days in library followed. I will not go in details but everything is possible if you really want it and find the right way to do it. Next step: college. Didn’t really believe I will get there with enough points. White envelope at home’s desk. Made it. Time for new goals and knowledge. My knee was making progress…trainings in fitness, trainings with team, muscles equalisations, doctor’s confirmation and I was there. On ski jump hill, ready to fly.  


July 6, 2019

Everyday I think about how my day looked like, what was good, what was bad. I see the difference between living for a moment or living for a dream. Longterm goal change the way I act in a specific situation. Going left, going right, going back, going forward…it’s all the matter of choice. »Time to reveal« is the title of today’s writting. Why? It’s getting closer to 11. July with results from matura and it’s also getting closer for me to jump. I know it can go different than I expected but that’s just a proof I need to find a right path to final destination. So now I’m in a period of time that my past work will be judged and revealed. Looking forward to may change or continue it in the upcoming future.

Deep into fourth month

April 30, 2019

It’s been a while since I last wrote and this is a great opportunity to tell more about my days in past and also next two months. As some of you may have noticed on my social medias the rehabilitiation program is going pretty well. I’m now close to the end of four month after surgery. There were good and bad days. From these I’ve learned the most and everyday I realize something new. Seeing my knee progress through this time is great motivation and it makes me willing to do it further. What was also the key for all weeks, days, hours in gym and on bike? The answer is simple…soon new season start and I can join to my team at training. It was interesting for me how this fact was important for me and like sort of a goal on my way back. I wrote about ski jumping but what is happening on the other side of my life? This injury somehow pushed me to into process of searching also other things in life which are important for me. I believe that a person has to develop on more aspects of life. This makes a whole. More is about to follow…

Night vibes

March 5, 2019

After 3-4 nights of really good and long sleep it’s here again. No sleeping time. I mean…I like it sometimes but it’s better to sleep and wake up ready for new day. I learned sometihing this night one more time for sure. Mobile phone has to be outside the room while sleeping. I woke up at around midnight, checked my phone and that was a mistake. My eyes became sensitive. I couldn’t fall asleep for one hour and decided to start writting down my thoughts. It was a good solution and then I still had 4 hours of sleep left. Woke up at around 6 o’clock, prepared breakfast and it was time for school. After two months of barely learning because of season opening is this my first real work for school. I was learning psychology from my student’s book, which is by the way the best option to learn in a van while driving on training, before season and sometimes even on competition day but that wasn’t as much efficient. So…the time is here. Rehab, learn, eat, sleep, repeat.

Flash back

March 5, 2019

A really nice day is behind me. It started with ladies ski jumping in Zao. My girls nailed it. I was soo happy with Nika’s and Urša’s jumping. I also cheeres for Maja and Špela. They are trying as much as possible and training hard. I know. So I believe the good is still yet to come. Tomorrow they have another chance and I have another morning that is reserved for good vibes! My day continued with flexibility exercises for my knee. Which is doing pretty well and till now I’m more than satisfied. I remember how swollen was my right knee that time after surgery. It was awful. I had to remove water and blood like 3 or 4 times from it. And it’s really not a pleasant feeling. A big needle goes into your knee and some red or brown/red liquid come from it. I read a book at my »flexibility machine« called Kinetec . That’s usually. Sometimes I also learn name of bones. By the way… I decided to download an application which showes body skeleton and all bones are named. And easy way to learn some new things while having nothing else important to do. After I made prosciutto with cheese and pickled (sour) cucumbers. Tasty. What was next is something I was looking forward for 14 days now. Because of stitches I mustn’t water my knee and now when they are finally removed it was time for…SHOWER. Or more excatly. Actually it was a bath ful of water. 45 minut of pure relax. Some talking to my mother followed and it was again time for ski jumping mania. A tight »fight« for win was interesting but a crash of David Siegel put dark shadow in the end. Flash. Back.

Ski jumping memory

March 5, 2019

When being placed in my bed, listening to music, watching videos…most of my blogs are made. Every day a different feeling with same content. How can I really be me? What are the things that inspires me the most? I know there are things we need to do and it’s our task. I’m talking more about culture, coutry’s duties, rules or simply…things that are the same for all people. But this is not half of our life. Where is the other half? I’m writting this also because I started my »professional« career in early teens. I have a vivid memory of my decision to quit all hobby activities and to focus only on my biggest passion…ski jumping. It was at age 12. I participated at 14 days long German tour with most of COC competition. This was also the highest ranked competition in Ladies ski jumping that time. With 2. place, first podium and overall 3. place I was more than happy. I remember to also beat one of the best ladies ski jumpers that time. It was my dream, my life and I felt like this will be my future way. Afterwards I talked to floorball coach and told my decision. I liked floorball. I still do. I had played it from 6 to 12 years. I also played in competiton. With boys. I was good. Actually one of the best players that time and ages. I remember his a bit strange look and his wish to keep me in a team. I said something like…I feel my way is in ski jumping.

The improvement

March 5, 2019

I just can’t stop thinking about the improvement. General. Life in general. What inspires the most? Beside ski jumping, of course. I’ve been really active as a kid. Running around, playing with boys and I seemed unstoppable. Unstoppable in energy. I had trainings like 5 times a week in the afternoon. Summer’s forenoons looked as a football training. Playing it with my friends. Doing different tricks, learining to juggle, running with a ball. It was a game all the time. Afterwards I headed to a ski jumping training. I like to remember those days. To remember where my roots are. Sometimes I wonder where this all energy was left. Unconcern about a day before, days after, living in the moment. Is it technology? School? Food? I don’t know. We mostly listen about »healthy life style«. On the internet, on TV and also in books. Articles in magazines are ful of different advices and tips how to live the best as possible. But from where all this came from? Why is this neccesary? I THINK all this is just money. People have their own ways to follow. Not everybody is the same. Why should all be fit, slim and doing fitness everyday? Yes. I’m an athlete. I admire sport. Probably most of all things in life. But I also think there are some persons who don’t need it. Following their passion will ful them with different, just as good energy. I would like to write a word more about tips, advices how to follow somethings and results will come. Because of sport, doing it to be the best and also my private life…I’ve read tons of »how to« ? Tons of »why is that good for«. And tons »do this, do that«. What I’ve learned? Follow the internal instinct.


March 5, 2019

Just an ordinary evening. Trying to sleep. Or not trying…just going. Realising 20:00 will be to early. Youtube and music without lyrics. I’m now listening it most of my time. It kind of makes me feel confident and clear my minds. I can find the solution. Solution of the problem that crossed my path. I also use it to relax. Sometimes during learning or reading. Otherwise I don’t have a special »taste« for music. Everythings is good. Just depends on age, time of the year or mood. And more and more. Why I started to write right now isn’t that wanted to tell you my favorite song. It just came in my writting. I realised how important are people around me. I mean… sometimes the feeling »I’m enough for myself« is too strong in my blood. I think I developed this during my sport’s career. Work, pain, disclaimer, patince, persistance. Self encouraging. All this affected me. When something stops you there is a bit more time to find the balance. I really can find it now. And also maintain. That’s the reason I’m writting down my thoughts. I can read them later if I want to. This helps to remember you on good or too see a reason for positive. If I felt, thought like that last year…there is a way or chance to feel it also now.

Power of will

March 5, 2019

It’s difficult to say »Everything is possible«. A cat can’t fly or something. But there is more… it’s the power of will. I see it when trying hard and feeling exhaused. I could quit. It’s too much. I can’t do it. I could do this every moment. But I don’t. Why? Do it and you will feel better afterwards. That’s the answer. It’s like an award and satisfaction refuel energy. If I don’t do it…I roll in circle. Yes. No. Maybe. Maybe I can. Maybe I don’t. All the nasty questions we get when lost in focus. One goal. One direction. It can also make a turn or a tunnel. But it’s only one way… yours. Focus smashes, clear, push away the distractions. The choose is a matter of you!

A different view

March 5, 2019

Wake up, get up! I knew there is not a lot of time until first World Cup in 2019. Breakfast is made. Green tea after it was great and I’m ready for action. 10 minutes before the start of TV program I was already in my position for watching. EXCITED. Some advertisement and Top Shop followed . It’s funny how can this be interesting…not. I found it stupid. But probably that’s one of the best way to sell product. Sapporo’s big hill showed on the screen and a commentator welcomed us. Looks good. The evening atmosphere and a jump hill that inspires. Number one. Feeling this different view of being a spectator. All my heart in 7kells. I made a story on Instagram. It’s difficult to show the respect I have. This girls deserve the best. Trainings with them made me better. Willing. Knowing I need to improve. I CHANGE MY POINT OF VIEW. The competition continued. My father watched it also. I’m happy to have this opportunity. Being in touch with World Cup is important. I now also write down my thoughts. They are different than when you are in process. More realistic. This helps me to get experiences and good mind. All in all I didn’t like the competition. Weather was in Japan’s style. But what is the thing I will remember? Maren Lundby. She had and awful wind in first round, smiled after and showed the masterpiece in second round…PODIUM. And of course. Daniela Iraschko-Stolz. A winner. A fighter. A girls who is unstoppable.