A different view

Wake up, get up! I knew there is not a lot of time until first World Cup in 2019. Breakfast is made. Green tea after it was great and I’m ready for action. 10 minutes before the start of TV program I was already in my position for watching. EXCITED. Some advertisement and Top Shop followed . It’s funny how can this be interesting…not. I found it stupid. But probably that’s one of the best way to sell product. Sapporo’s big hill showed on the screen and a commentator welcomed us. Looks good. The evening atmosphere and a jump hill that inspires. Number one. Feeling this different view of being a spectator. All my heart in 7kells. I made a story on Instagram. It’s difficult to show the respect I have. This girls deserve the best. Trainings with them made me better. Willing. Knowing I need to improve. I CHANGE MY POINT OF VIEW. The competition continued. My father watched it also. I’m happy to have this opportunity. Being in touch with World Cup is important. I now also write down my thoughts. They are different than when you are in process. More realistic. This helps me to get experiences and good mind. All in all I didn’t like the competition. Weather was in Japan’s style. But what is the thing I will remember? Maren Lundby. She had and awful wind in first round, smiled after and showed the masterpiece in second round…PODIUM. And of course. Daniela Iraschko-Stolz. A winner. A fighter. A girls who is unstoppable.