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My name is Ema Klinec. I come from Poljane, Slovenia. I’m a ski jumper in SSK Alpina Žiri. Last 7 years I’ve now trained also under Slovenian A group. My coach is Jernej Kumer. I started ski jumping when I was 6 years old. With good conditions for training I fell in love with this sport. My family supported me and in 2013 I was able to compete on the highest level. I was inspired for ski jumping because of my older brother Gašper and older sister Barbara. They now both ended their careers and became coaches.

Born 2nd July 1998
Hometown Poljane
Country Slovenia
Hobbies Photography cooking writing rollerblading football

I’m walking my own path. Your approval is not needed.


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First win after 5 years

5th World Championships

Youth Olympic Champion

First Grand Prix win



A day started well. I drank coffe, ate some cookies and breakfast was after me. I actually felt pretty good and competition mood was on. (…) A second good jump from the take off, flying across 130 meters…and a shocking pain in my left knee at touching the snow.


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